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Fix&Print – photocopiers and printers repairs and maintenance in Warsaw

Whom are We for?

If you are a Company or Institution that:

  • Wants professional and complex solutions in purchasing, leasing, renting and servicing multifunction office equipment (printers and photocopiers).
  • Looks for lowering costs of company printouts, e.g. through implementing the print control system.
  • Looks for a new supplier of the services above or looks for alternative solutions.
  • Expects better performance and more efficiency from their current devices.
  • Outsources printing and would like to reduce costs and simplify the printing of company materials through using their own equipment.
  • Our offer services also for those who already have Konica Minolta printers and are looking for a reliable and efficient service provider.

Our offer is just what you have been looking for!

How do We work?

We provide top quality services:

  • We propose a meeting to better understand your needs and expectations.
  • We prepare a customized offer tailored to your expectations.
  • We supply and install selected photocopiers and carry out comprehensive trainings.
  • We provide professional and immediate photocopier and printer services according to your currently selected service options.
  • We also offer and provide service on-line and on the phone.
  • We provide a full range of accessories (toners, photosensitive cartridges, transfer belts, fusing units, waste toner bottles, etc.). We only work on original materials and parts.

The quality of Our service is guaranteed in a warranty!

Why choose Us?

Choosing Our services will bring you benefits such as:

  • Reducing the cost of your company printouts by, for example, changing the equipment for more efficient and less expensive in everyday use.
  • Saving time due to a professional and immediate service (approximately 3-4 hours).
  • We offer replacement devices for the time of servicing yours.
  • Convenience and flexibility of collaboration – we offer Konica Minolta's top-notch devices with minimal investment costs (from zero PLN).

Start saving money now!

We work for your success!

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